Hoard of the Dragon Queen

The Hatchery

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We decided to return to the raiding camp and watch their movements. But when we arrived, the camp had been dismantled, with tracks leading west. Near the hatchery, four couriers were unloading a large amount of carrion and other supplies.

Although they saw us approaching, they seemed indifferent to our presence and continued their unloading work. Flames crackled on Kalinth’s fingertip. “What’s wrong with you?! Aren’t you afraid of us?”

“We aren’t here to fight. We’ve been paid to drop off these supplies, and that’s what we’re going to do.” the men explained. They refused to answer any other questions.

“If you’ve already been paid, then finish your work and begone.” the Blue Bard suggested. “We are from Greenest and don’t appreciate traitors who do business with the enemy.” The adventurers bristled with anger. “Leave in peace before we change our minds.”

With the hired thugs fled, the party decided to carefully explore the hatchery to see what sort of beasts lurked within. Baby dragons, likely. Possibly even the dragon mother. Kalinth was confident she could handle any situation. Floogle was indifferent.

Using an invisibility spell, the Blue Bard entered the cave alone and scouted for danger. He discovered two mercenaries with curved swords standing guard near the entrance. They did not notice his quiet footsteps past them. In the passages beyond, tunnels branched left and right. He returned to the cave entrance and whispered his findings to the party. They decided to attack the guards.

Stepping into the cave entrance, Kalinth aimed her fire bolt… and missed.

……….continued later

The Story So Far

The adventurers saved many civilians by helping them into the keep. Then they held off the attacking huge blue dragon until it became wounded/bored and flew away.

On a scouting mission, they pretended to be cultists long enough to infiltrate the camp and rescue several prisoners that were intended for slavery or worse.


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