Raid on Greenest

I had decided to travel by caravan to the town of Greenest. An informant of mine in the Thieves Guild told me Molly has been spotted practicing her trade there. Her betrayal still stings as if it were yesterday. I don’t eat much; I feel a pain in the pit of my stomach, like a real wound. I played a few tunes on my lute to distract myself, but the bump of the wagon wheels sours my notes.

You meet interesting people in these caravans. I met a young man dressed in animal skins, by the name Floogle. He says the gods are a lie and that we all dissolve into black nothingness in the end. Such talk is a good way to end up in the Wall.

An elven warrior, Ember, suspects danger at our destination. She has come ready for war, armored and wearing some wicked looking circular blades.


Raid on Greenest

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